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Rash Guard Shirts for Martial Arts Protection


Rash Guards for Skin Protection 

If you're into martial arts such as grappling, karate, Krav Mag, etc. you know you need to protect your skin from rashes, cuts and abrasions.  Rash guard shirts can provide you the ultimate in skin protection especially when not using a gi. 

Whether you are just learning a particular discipline of martial arts or if you are an experienced master and fighter you know that your skin can very easily get irritated from the constant friction caused by skin to skin and skin to mat contact. Since there is no hitting in grappling, skin to skin contact is almost constant between competitors. Our high quality rash guard shirts cover and protect your skin to prevent the constant skin to skin contact during grappling and eliminate skin irritation during fighting. Our shirts also will keep body hair from being pulled or caught during grappling, (especially arm and chest hair). 

The best rash guards for providing the most coverage during grappling would be our long sleeve shirts. They're made from thin lycra and spandex materials so they're designed for comfort. These thin materials are super smooth, have a sleek compression fit and feel like a second skin so they will never hinder your fighting skills . On the contrary, without having the worry of getting cuts and irritating skin rash, or having your body hair pulled, your fighting performance will be enhanced!

Our rash guard shirts come in a wide variety of colors, so you can match your belt color! They can be worn under a gi or instead of a gi to prevent skin irritation. We guarantee any fighter can find a rash guard shirt to suit their skin protection needs as well as looks.

Like we said: When grappling or participating in any martial arts, skin to skin friction is unavoidable without a quality rash guard shirt - so why wait? 

Don't forget: Our rash guard shirts are also perfect for the beach, lake, pool, park and even your own backyard. These SPF150 shirts protect you from cancer causing UV rays as well as rashes.  While rash guard shirts were originally designed to be worn under a wet suit for firction/rash protection, these versatile shirts have now found many, many more uses. While the rash guard shirts is now availble in brilliant colors and is offered in a variety of cuts and sizes, there's much more emphasis on style, function and sun protection than the original wet suit use. 







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