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Mens Rashguards in Competitive Sports

The following article will discuss the benefits of wearing rash guard shirts as skin protection during sporting activities.

There are many sports that men compete in where rash guard shirts should be considered an important part of their equipment.

Rash and UV protection are not only beneficial while participating in water sports such as surfing, body boarding, snorkeling and swimming, but also while fishing and boating as well as during contact sports such as martial arts.

A man is exposing his skin to harmful factors such as sunburns and irritating rash when competing in many of the competitive sports mentioned above. Wearing a rash guard will block harmful UV rays by providing SPF 150+ protection as well as provide a protective layer over his skin to eliminate any skin irritation.

A rashguard will give you more confidence and increase your performance while protecting your skin. Without having to worry about sunburn and skin irritation you can remain focused on your sport and give your best performance possible.

Let’s take a look at the example of surfing. When men participate in surfing competitions, they are exposing their skin to several factors that can cause a rash, or other skin irritations including:
• continuous rubbing of his chest against the rough surface of his surf board.
• prolonged exposure to the sun’s dangerous UV rays. Especially the back and shoulders.
• prolonged exposure to the wind.

A rash guard shirt protects against sunburn and skin rash that is caused by all of these factors.

Rash guards are made from lycra material that is designed to block 97% of the sun’s UV rays and guard your skin with SPF 150+ protection while you’re surfing. Unlike any other sun block products rash guards do not need reapplication - their protection stays on in the water.

Our men’s rash guards are available in short sleeve as well as long sleeve to provide the best protection you can get for whatever sport you’re playing.

Rash guards are an important piece of sporting equipment because they not only protect your skin but they also enhance your performance. You can keep your head in the game and not have to worry about sunburn, irritating rash or having to remember to reapply your sun block.

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